Giving myself a reason to blog

A couple years ago I produced a web series titled Stage Fright as a joint production between NBC Washington & American University (that’s where I work). Recently it was screened at the LAWEBFEST. While at this fest I discovered just how many people are creating web series in a lot of different ways. There’s a ton of different distribution routes, funding schemes ( I call them schemes, cause any funding needs a crazy plan by an evil genius to be successful ), and endless possibilities ( particularly if you’re not in it to make a buck. And who is? If you wanted to make a buck you wouldn’t be working on a web series, in fact, you’d probably have gone to school for something else and right now be facing charges for a ponzy scheme).

I started researching Web series for both my job and for my own interests. But I’m lazy. I’m being erratic and inconsistent in my researching and I have a list of at least 100 shows I want to check out. That’s not even counting what’s coming out now, tomorrow, next week, etc. Sooooooooooo imma blog about em! Web series reviews! That’s right internet, what you need is one more guy shoveling his opinion all at your face.

For the summer (spring semester 2012 is over, may it rot in hell, worst semester ever) I plan to post a review about a web series every one to two weeks.

I’ve got some context and guidelines…
The series must have at least one complete season, but I don’t care when it was produced. The whole point to a web series is it exists to be new to someone in perpetuity. So if it’s new to me then it works for my blog.
Don’t care if it’s shot by some joker in his backyard with his iPhone or if it was funded by Lionsgate and stars someone famous ( u know, like antonio sabato jr). I’m not going to compare big production value vs DIY filmmaking. I think all are valid if the creators apply their skills and resources wisely.
I promise myself to vary where I find the series as much as possible and stretch out of my comfort zone in regards to genres and content.

So come back next week when I kick off this entirely self serving project with my first review of Bite Me. It’s zombies vs gamers, folks! Yeah, I’ll stretch out of my comfort zone, but not right away.