so damn high

it’s finally out!

magnet magazine premieres music video for ruby isle’s so damn high (will eastman remix) directed by me.

i am pretty excited by this. i never directed a music video before. i think all the favors we begged, borrowed and stoled helped. i hope it comes off well. It was entirely crewed by American University SOC alumni and students and I think they did a great job on a shoestring budget.
the song is pretty catchy too.
thanks, kindercore records, for liking my work enough to put it out there.


So Damn High Behind the Scenes

On May 30th I directed a music video for Will Eastman’s remix of “So Damn High” by Ruby Isle. A former production student of mine, Chris Burke came along and shot some behind the scenes footage he cut into this video. It’s being used as a teaser before we launch the music video next week with Kindercore Records. It was a good day… but effin long. Real long. I believe I had time to only consume coffee and complimentary drinks from 7 AM until 5PM. And watching my closing interview… you can tell!

Good practice in my recent decision to get over seeing myself on video. I hate it. I need to get more comfortable with it.

Stay tuned… actual music video should be coming within the week.