motion + comics = awesome

i’m a huge comic geek. and by that i mean i have thousands of them. it’s deeply ingrained in my person. the oldest comic i still have that was bought at the time it came out is a copy of New Teen Titans #9 from July 1981. i would have been approximately 5 years old. my father would walk me downtown until we got to the newstand and let me pick out an issue or two. it would have been my first introduction to the world of George Perez’s art. he’s seriously teh awesome.

cover, comic, teen titans, george perez

so… the three of you who have ever run across this blog and bothered to read it are probably aware of the fact that i do motion graphics. i refer you to the link to your right that says REEL. that’s my reel. it has moving things in it.

couple years ago i ran across a stephen king animation series called N. N is here. N is the first time i’ve ever seen a ‘motion comic.’ i don’t even know if they called it that for the series. not long after that i ran across some short downloads on itunes that adapted some of the anthology Batman: Black and White, the full Watchmen maxiseries, and some others. lately i’ve been really impressed by the fact that Marvel has stepped it up with lip sync and more advanced compositing techniques. check it here. AND Showtime has created a Dexter prequel series as motion comics (though they’re calling it ‘animated web series’…. someone tell them the word ‘comic’ would scare away viewers who are geekophobic? hmmm?).

ok so obviously this is all very exciting for a young at heart motion graphics slinger such as my self. and it hits me, “why don’t i do one?” and while that’s a great idea cause apparently it’s a growth industry that doesn’t seem to be catching on in the private independent sector… i need material. so i sit on that idea for a while.

lightbulb! about six years ago i did a photo based comic book for a class in grad school. it’s composited in photoshop! it’s already shot! it’s based on a poem by robert browning about some dude killing his girlfriend! there’s nudity!

so i’m just now starting to pick apart the original files. they’re not the greatest work i could have done (it is 6 years old for god’s sake), but it’s not bad. i’m going to attempt to kick this out over the holiday break and only add text, narration, stock images and stock sounds… let’s keep this cheap. then we’ll think about doing something larger and more extensive from scratch.

for the hell of it, here’s the first page as it was created a few years back. again, not the greatest work i think i could have done. but i was proud of it at the time. with any luck i’ll be posting some of the animations as i flesh them out. give me something to blog about, anyway. click it to see it.

Porphyria's Lover

Porphyria's Lover comic page 1

maybe if this goes well, i can talk DC comics into letting me scan and motionify some Geroge Perez Titans issues….


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