Hang the VJ (i know… obvious pun to go with, but i can’t resist it)

so…. long story short… two years ago i was talking with a friend who does a regular dj night at my standard waterin’ hole (BLISS and the Black Cat, respectively). i’d been doing video graphics for museum stuff for years and we thought ‘it’d be awesome to add projectionto the dj night!’ but no projector available and i dont know if you know but that shizz is expensive to buy or rent or rent to own or lease or make or carve out of stone.

so we chalked it up to a little idea that maybe would never happen.

fast forward a couple months and observe a projector falling into my lap. well whattaya know!

so i started making dvds of motion graphics that i was just messing around with and running it on a loop. then i found out there was a thing called a VJ! and people were doing live video mixing out there in the world! and wow, there’s like alot of those people and software and books and a documentary or two. isn’t it interesting that the world is always a little bigger than you think it is? always. never forget that.

got inexpensive software (we’ll say it’s intro level. good, solid, affordable, simple –  i have no real complaints. check it out if you want to get into this – AV Mixer Pro), and started to do it live.

found online VJ sites and started participating uploading and downloading clips. then one day i got an email – a clip i put on VJ Vaults was a finalist in a contest! no kidding? really? well, didn’t i just fall into something. so it was fifth place out of about 1200 submissions. thanks internet, i didnt even know i was good at this or i was entered into a contest. i still feel like i’m just starting out at this. i’ve done a few cool events and i love doing bliss every month. but i’m starting to realize that if i put a little legwork and time into it maybe this would be more of a viable endeavor than just a hobby.

thanks for stopping by. here’s the clip that placed in the contest.


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